General pricing


Spring Cleanups

General package includes blowing out beds/along fence lines (up to 15 mins with blower), Power Raking, Aerating, Cleanup Cut & Trim and removal of debris that doesn't fit in the Green Bins. Additional blowing of beds and leaves is $20 per 15 mins (includes debris removal). Priced according to yard size. Average yard $180-$220. 

Many customers also include Green-Up Fertilizer and Overseeding. Average price $50 - $60 with Spring Cleanup. Package deals offer the Best Value. We do a great job and have many repeat customers. 

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Mowing

Most lawns run from $35-60 per cut for residential lawns.  Average lot is  $40-45 per cut. Acreages are based on size and/or operator and zero-turn mower time. We give beautiful cuts. Includes trimming edges and blowing off walkways with every cut.

Spraying and Fertilizer

We now offer scheduled Weed Control and Fertilization to our customers. We use our own mix of granular Fertilizer and spray Herbicide. Note the Alberta Government is discouraging Weed and Feed Apllications (spray trucks), due to toxicity concerns. We follow these guidlines, and crafted our own system... which is  very effective with our choice of fertilizers and herbicides, and less toxic to the environment.  Our cost for an average lot is $180-$220 per year. 

Aerating, Power raking

We offer Aerating and Power raking to keep your lawn healthy and green. Average price is $60-80 for Aerating, and $100-120 for power raking (includes a short cut, and removal of debris). 

Parking Lot Sweeping in Cochrane

 We can provide all of your properties' cleanup and sweeping needs. We sweep nearly dust free and  remove & dispose of the gravel and rubbish.